School of Action Learning

Action Learning has been increasingly popular in Europe. If you are ready for a deeper understanding of Action Learning and considering becoming a certified coach this intensive training will take you to the next level. The sessions cover the essence, theory and practice of Action Learning in details. Participants will learn the concepts behind why Action Learning works, as well as have an opportunity to experience Action Learning as a participant and as a coach.

This intensive program gives participants the skills and the experience they need to excel as team coaches in a variety of challenging situations.  In addition, workshops use outside presenters from organizations needing real solutions.

Every participant is required to take on the challenge of being an Action Learning coach for at least two sessions. A dedicated Senior Action Learning coach works with every Action Learning team to provide for an intensive and exceptionally rich feedback process for trainees when they take on the coaching role.

The program constitutes two modules required for certification in WIAL: Foundations and CALC (Certified Action Learning Coach).


  • acknowledgment of your skills according to the international standards of Action Learning team coaching
  • opportunity to take your certification further towards training other Action Learning team coaches
  • being part of an international community of over 400 coaches; a chance to exchange knowledge and experience
  • completing intensive training of your own leadership skills
  • opportunity to take active role in international WIAL structures
  • a document confirming professional skills according to well-recognize procedures
  • potentially more business clients willing to implement Action Learning in their companies
  • opportunity to get mentoring from experienced team coaches


  • coaches, trainers, consultants interested in bringing value to their clients through developing teams and leaders in organisations as well as solving complex organisational problems
  • HR and Training & Development professionals wishing to provide new, innovative human potential development tools
  • leadership development program coordinators who want to provide their clients with a real-life experience and deep learning
  • academics wishing to develop team and leadership skills in their students through engaging team work


  • learn the essence of team coaching
  • take part in Action Learning sessions
  • lead sessions as a coach
  • find out how to provide more value to your clients
  • learn all the key elements of Action Learning
  • get to know the stages of implementing AL programs
  • learn how to develop leaders in organisations
  • learn the benefits of AL programs for individuals, teams and organisations and you will be able to articulate them to your clients
  • learn team coaching tools
  • develop your competences in group dynamics
  • learn how to solve complex and urgent organisational issues
  • practice handling what-if scenarios in a team coach’s work
  • go thorugh an intense training of your own leadership and team skills
  • receive feedback on your work as a coach
  • receive training materials in print and electronic form

The training provides 40 CCE credits in ICF .

GROUP SIZE: 5-7 people



Warsaw, Poland 26-30 September 2017

PRICING: The entire 5-day comprehensive training costs EUR 1950.  Coffee breaks, materials and extraordinary content and experience are included.


Tomasz Janiak

Tomasz is a Senior Action Learning coach, an independent team and leadership development consultant as well as a psychological trainer. He has received the certification from International Coach Federation and the World Institute for Action Learning.

He has worked in management, sales and marketing to later use all his knowledge and experience in consulting, training and coaching. He is fluent in English and Polish, works in both and is experienced in working in international environment.

His mission is to enable teams and leaders to improve their functioning in lives and businesses. Currently he leads the Polish affiliate of the World Institute for Action Learning, where he trains Action Learning team coaches. Except for that he teaches executive coaching and prepares candidates for ICF certification. Also, he works as a business consultant providing value to his clients, based especially on developing high-performing teams and solving complex organisational challenges.