Action Learning Webinar

How can you use Action Learning to develop high-performing teams?

Tuesday, 24 Sept 2019, 9 pm CEST (check you local time zone!)

One of the four main reasons why WIAL Action Learning is used in global corporations is to develop teamwork. Why? Because that is what WIAL Action Learning is all about: solving real problems in teams and constantly learning how to work better together.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. What exact tools of WIAL Action Learning aim at bringing the teamwork to full swing.

2. What 3 different pieces of research say about effective teams in modern business organisations.

3. What exactly you can do as a consultant, trainer and coach to take you work to another level.

Make sure you are with us live, as the recording of this webinar will be provided solely to the graduates of WIAL Action Learning training courses.

Hope to you see you and have a chance to meet you online!



Tomasz Janiak

Tom is a Senior Action Learning Coach, an entrepreneur, and a group trainer. He works with teams and groups in organisations to develop their effectiveness and enable them to have more fun at work. He also teaches Action Learning team coaching and the AL approach in management. At work and in life he asks a plenty of questions, tries to smile a lot, sometimes annoys people and constantly learns because he loves to.